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Uncle Drew
Im jealous, i wanna hug a koala too.
Comment from : Uncle Drew

Taron Muradov
Koalas look like 50 year old men after a 10 hour work day
Comment from : Taron Muradov

People saying they wanna hug them are gonna get chlamydia
Comment from : MEGA NIBBA

Marie L
The Koala is cute & so is the guy holding him..😍
Comment from : Marie L

Hug start at
Thumbnail 6:11

Comment from : Melchor

Elina Joshi
Is koala found only one in australiya? ?
Comment from : Elina Joshi

Zara Jerusalem
Koala so calm and cute.I wish I can pet them.
Comment from : Zara Jerusalem

For God's sake, can you please please stop annoying that poor wild animal? Jeez.

Like people teasing snakes or other savage animals in documentaries: " can you see how dangerous they are? They could bite me anytime or hissing and spray some poison right in my eyes!!! Can you see? I'll pull its tail! Its tail! Oh I got it. It's dangerous!!!".

Well, dudes, the only dangerous living beings around are you, not the poor animals you bug.

Comment from : MikeDonovan

Janice Grant
They are cute but most of them have STDs like clymidia. Google. Must wash hands after touching one.
Comment from : Janice Grant

Mightymuchachoarmy Lpmitkev Luosrkoeffizient Gaming
so beaudiful animals wooow 😱😂🔥👍🏻☺️
Comment from : Mightymuchachoarmy Lpmitkev Luosrkoeffizient Gaming

Andy Snow
Okay since you brought breakfast... You are a friend.
Comment from : Andy Snow

art galeri
Comment from : art galeri

Is it just me or does the koala's face remind you of Yoda?
Comment from : Flix

04:48 when you realize you forget to lock the door before leaving home
Comment from : ItsKris

Steve Cole
They are the coolest animals! Love them! They are the one of the most reliant wild animals on us humans.
So amazing,.

Comment from : Steve Cole

Tidda Tea
My dad works there and I know for a fact Banjo does no live there anymore and my fav is Maluka
Comment from : Tidda Tea

Isaac Becerra
Are they aggressive ? Or like normal wildlife aggression, meaning only if provolked
Comment from : Isaac Becerra

Just Lue
"Here smell my finger" 😂......I hope he brought to safety due to the fires! So sad watching all these old videos and wondering are they ok but at the same time knowing they probably didn't survive.
Comment from : Just Lue

I wanna hold one
Comment from : SEI WHAT?

So adorable
Comment from : evelyngines70

Alec Coleman
That homie was high
Comment from : Alec Coleman

Abdul AlpLimIndFox
Can you train Koalas to speak English ?
Comment from : Abdul AlpLimIndFox

Theo Davis
No, Binky from Noozles ......
Comment from : Theo Davis

Coming back and watching this after all of those forest fires in Australia is so sad.
Comment from : Stephanie

The Sky Is Blue
They drug the koalas in these places because koalas are actually a bit violent by nature.
Comment from : The Sky Is Blue

Humans are most selfish, and by far the most well off species. Humans have 1000x things to do.
Comment from : arsenalmanic

Niklas Wüstkamp
And now they die in the fires😭
Comment from : Niklas Wüstkamp

Koalas are angels, innocent, pure, kind, precious, beautiful, cute, adorable. What happens to them is a big tragedy :( it brings me so much pain
Comment from : mad21a1

Those poor babies that died, uugghh so sad 😞
Comment from : TheWarKing27

Want to hug this beauty cutie atleast once in my lifetime.
Comment from : EDGED

Mandy J
🐨💞It is horrible what happens now in Australia, so sad and painfull. 😪
Comment from : Mandy J

Todd Henderson
Always been my favorite animal, Never been fortunate to hug and or hold one, best of luck my koala friends from a far ! ! !
Comment from : Todd Henderson

Arlyn Santiago
I love koala I wish I can cuddle one in the future
Comment from : Arlyn Santiago

Tony Gallegos
I didn’t know koalas only had one armpit
Comment from : Tony Gallegos

Tony Gallegos
Hey I know you do animal things but can you do one on the Gympie-gympie tree it is very dangerous and you can’t even tell the difference
Comment from : Tony Gallegos

Swadeep Mohanty
M really crying when I think about koala...rip
Comment from : Swadeep Mohanty

Öykü Uçar
Çok tatlı
Comment from : Öykü Uçar

Pratiksha Dash
I wish we could keep koalas and pandas in homes.. They r really cute and adorable.. 🐼🐨
Comment from : Pratiksha Dash

Johnny Dodger
I've never been so fascinated over the koala bear there so cute
Comment from : Johnny Dodger

Treasure Island
Watching all them Coyote critter biting clips this video had an enjoyable outcome 🐨 rock!
Comment from : Treasure Island

Lizette Maldonado
Beautiful 🐨
Comment from : Lizette Maldonado

Bernard Evasco
I will never ever not love Koalas
Comment from : Bernard Evasco

Oshan Wijeratne
Banjo didn't your mother teach you not to eat with your mouth open? :))
Comment from : Oshan Wijeratne

We need to stop australia wild fire
Comment from : RLFAL-YT

Clayton Dorris
Please coyote help out with the wildfire :(
Comment from : Clayton Dorris

Miss T.E.A.
Banjo's so cute
Comment from : Miss T.E.A.

so basicaly koalas are cute but stink AF
Comment from : Grizzlyx9

Jeddy Zilla
I wish i can cuddle him also 😢
Comment from : Jeddy Zilla

i miss the sounds of nature in AUSTRALIA..!! hope it will never happened again😭😭.. 🙏🙏GOD have mercy on us please hear the cries of animals and humans who are suffering till now.🙏
Comment from : ANGEL SMITH

Ashwin Giri
God is so great.
Comment from : Ashwin Giri

Statistics in every day life Lectures
In love with koalas please send it to India 😔😔
Comment from : Statistics in every day life Lectures

aviva levi
So adorable 💌
Comment from : aviva levi

Tigger Escobar
Awwwww I would love to be able to cuddle a koala. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Comment from : Tigger Escobar

Wallflower 4
Everyone talking about koalas BUT TOWNSVILLE?!?!?
Comment from : Wallflower 4

Snodge Kat
Comment from : Snodge Kat

D Larson
Boys are goin," GIMME DAT KOALA"!

These are without a doubt, the cutest, gentlest, most trusting creatures God ever created. Love covered in a fur coat🙏🏼

Comment from : D Larson

Victoria Akomolede
Probably because they don't clean themselves or have a bath
Comment from : Victoria Akomolede

Morgan Myers
Eucalyptus smells WONDERFUL.. That's what koalas smell like. ("Human gives stinky hug.." )
Comment from : Morgan Myers

The Shrimp Eater
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He eats eucalyptus as a snacc

Comment from : The Shrimp Eater

Ashan Ashan
Comment from : Ashan Ashan

Cinnamon Liquor
“you’re sitting on your breakfast bango”
My favorite line

Comment from : Cinnamon Liquor

yanna here
It's very sad to know that Billions of animals in Australia died due to devastating bush fire. Man summer in Australia is unbearable and now after those trees and animals gone it's gonna be unbelievably hot. I am from India but I am sad man.
Comment from : yanna here

Its so breakheart when i read the article that a thousand koala and another animal died cause wild fire in Australia. Hope someday i can get the koala hug.. love from Indonesia
Comment from : lazuardi

iimxbl’s life
You know about dingoes, I saw one then I saw an anteater and I don’t know why I was wondering if it was a dingo, I forgot what it look like 😂
Comment from : iimxbl’s life

iimxbl’s life
Sorry to all the animals and koalas that died in the bushfires ❤️ We love you and will miss you
Comment from : iimxbl’s life

Dale Leslie
It breaks my heart with all the destruction of their homes, and the loss of life of all the wildlife that can’t escape. I just can’t comprehend what Australia is enduring. I pray for the skies open up and drench the forests. If I was younger I would be down there helping. God bless every creature caught up in that nightmare along with the good people of your great country.
Comment from : Dale Leslie

Unicorn Lover
I love koala
Comment from : Unicorn Lover

Sondra Allen
Don't those koalas have syphilis they better be careful hugging and letting them be on them all the time
Comment from : Sondra Allen

hassan ghader
I am sad for all koalas passed due to fires 😥😪😥
Comment from : hassan ghader

my aunt lives in australia and she said that koalas are running everywhere they can go and about 3 koalas ran to my aunts house and she helped them because she could not let them die but she was scared because she though they will attack her
Comment from : Janox

mukambika ambika
Plzz Can u send one koala ? From India ,I love this cute animal
Comment from : mukambika ambika

Hassan Anwar
Comment from : Hassan Anwar

Deepa Shah
Koala is very cute and adorable. God bless them
Comment from : Deepa Shah

That guy smells too
Comment from : purplegypsylady777

Jindrich Ivan Magcalen
Koalas are so cute. They don't deserve to be burned on fire :(
Comment from : Jindrich Ivan Magcalen

I love you
Kill that monster
Comment from : I love you

4:50 I like how he's just eating and just pauses
Comment from : Blair

So cute
Comment from : TIMOTHY HILL

Smell the tip of my finger XD
Comment from : FOXBRO _YT

Vincent Vinciguerra
Who came here after hearing about the koalas dying in Australia right now? 😔
Comment from : Vincent Vinciguerra

sandeep india
Eucalyptus is dangerous tree which takes more under water this tree is one of the reasons for a water drought.... But this innocent koalas like eucalyptus leaves...
Comment from : sandeep india

sandeep india
Comment from : sandeep india

Rest in Peace to all the Koalas who died because of the bushfires ❤️😢 I want to go to Australia and take care of koalas!
Comment from : GILJOHN

So sad how australia used to look vs now :(
I feel so bad for all the kangaroos and koalas

Comment from : skinny

why would anyone care for dingoes? they should be culled.
Comment from : thekangarooboxer

Maria Santos
How's banjo now? So adorable creature...
Comment from : Maria Santos

Awww 😢
Comment from : shinistrue

Tf is supalictis?
Comment from : ___aaron.m

What was the name of the leafs he was feeding the koala?
Comment from : ___aaron.m

I just want to protect them so bad. ♥️
Comment from : BeautyontheDL

Connie Voyce
Who is here in 2020 realising koalas could go exitict in new South Wales. Its so horrible what's happening in ausie. Sending my prays
Comment from : Connie Voyce

Ron Afriat
I heard the koalas aren’t nice doe
Comment from : Ron Afriat

ell0111 viee
Comment from : ell0111 viee

Lily Tan
Koala is so calm,and sweet.I'd like to hug him.
Comment from : Lily Tan

shinesobright forever
What a beautiful baby 😍😍😍
Comment from : shinesobright forever

Aprilzoe _
I want one 🥺🥺
Comment from : Aprilzoe _

Mick Mo
So sad for all the koalas that died due to ignorance. They used to do low burn fires in the winter that prevented intense destructive fires!!
Comment from : Mick Mo

Thanks 🙏
Comment from : Gwinnet

So adorable
Comment from : SUDAKSHINA DAS

So cute ❤️

Comment from : Alice

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