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Sarah Barton
At 1:49 was I seeing things or was that a boat ??
Comment from : Sarah Barton

Patrick McCowie
pity it wasnt dry with the vxr on a dual carriage way !!
Comment from : Patrick McCowie

Alex R
The red light runners are horrendous at the silverlink roundabout man. I get them pretty much every day on my commute
Comment from : Alex R

Mr J
All this head shaking and revving the engine, you should be in a Volvo mate. Seriously, try using the brake or get on the gas and pass these muppets, don't want you getting hurt now.
Comment from : Mr J

At least the paper wasn't used toilet paper!!!
Comment from : banditnev

OH, yeah...hate when the indicator is left on. lol
Wow, Mom needs to keep a closer eye on the kid in the street.
lol...attack of the papers!!
Great compilation...dude, what's with the idiots in the roundabouts?!!!

Comment from : WheelsNotHeels

maybe the trees are getting revenge in there afterlife!?!?! not such a good thought :3 XD another good vid geordie XD
Comment from : "BIKER FURY"

UK Bus Dash Cam
There's Geordie biker! Was worried about ya not putting your video up on Friday :-)
Comment from : UK Bus Dash Cam

Looks like the same VXR I offered out for a race haha
Comment from : GrimmXD

Pete Davies
Great vid mate
Comment from : Pete Davies

Rusty Cavalier
At least he said sorry! Blinding. Using the horn as it was intended is something not done enough by bikers. Could save a few more bump n grinds IMHO
Comment from : Rusty Cavalier

Those idiots who jump lanes only to get ahead annoy me as they are usually the ones who have no consideration for others and their actions.
Comment from : roadsonboard

Mackem Rider
good vid mate that paper was funny though xD
Comment from : Mackem Rider

Camron Noble
hi geordie biker loved the vid paper atack omg rlj i hate it
Comment from : Camron Noble

Oh man that red light runner was just insane. I also had a extreamly close one a few days before. It's in my first "Daily Observations" Video I just uploaded recently :D Good video btw :D
Comment from : Slaty

The paper hiding over the reg made me piss myself XD.
Comment from : MyRandomLife247

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